Showers and other bathroom products that improves your experince

Shelves, mats, towel rails and many other important accessories can be found in Duschy's wide product range that takes your bathroom to an extra level.

Duschy is a Swedish shower brand that has manufactured and supplied quality showers and bathroom accessories for over 40 years. We are part of Duschprodukter Sweden AB.

180x200 cm. Sewn in weighted hem. 100 % polyester. Complete with curtain rings. Fabric bag.
Spare part - ceiling support for Proffs cuirtain rail. 100 cm. EAN: 7391551306028 Brand: Arrow (also fits Duschy)
With shower curtain Neutral pink (623-93) and bathroom mat Cozy pink (745-84).
With shower curtain Neutral sand grey (623-94) and bathroom mat Bellarina greay (767-26).
With shower curtain Marble white (628-52) and bathroom mat Cozy grey (745-26).
Overhead shower with 1-spray pattern. Fits outer ½" threads. Diameter 225 mm. Height 70 mm.